Thursday, September 16, 2010

what to wear to the wedding

so the wedding we are attending is just 2 weeks away, and after spending the last month searching the internet high & low, i have narrowed it down to 14 lucky finalists.  yes, 14.  ugh.  i'm suffering from a case of abulia!

so excited about this weekend, but a little nervous too.  the wedding is on a friday in the late afternoon, so we will be dropping ian off with...?  and not picking him up until the next morning.  *i was just joking w\ my mil about how they need to consult with us before making plans- we were going to have them keep ian on our anniversary, but they were out of town.  now, we wanted them to keep ian this- and guess what- out of town.  we can't bring him to the wedding, so now we need to enlist an overnight babysitter.  aaaaaah!*

so excited-  1.  i get a pretty dress to wear, and it can be any kind of dress i'd like b\c it doesn't have to be made to allow for breastfeeding (!!), 2.  we get to go downtown to a beautiful church and a reception at the chicago history museum, 3.  we get to stay at a beautiful hotel downtown (i'm pretty sure we're splitting this hotel with at least 2, if not 3 of our single male friends- this should be interesting). 

so, onto the dresses.  i did a lot of searching on a LOT of sites.  so i hope i've picked some things that are cocktail wedding appropriate.  my goals are to keep the girls intact, keep my butt covered, look awesome, and not attract unnecessary attention.  duh.  without further ado...

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Celebrate Good Times Dress- ModCloth
Kirigami Craft Tube Dress- Ruche

so, how did i do?  did i pick anything out that's early fall cocktail wedding appropriate?  anything you love?  i have some definite faves, and some that i'm on the fence about, but would love to hear your opinions.  so opine away....  

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  1. 100% Lost in your eyes dress. That's my vote, Toby's vote and Husby's vote! And I love not having to allow for breastfeeding/pumping anymore. God Bless Formula!

  2. mm- the breastfeeding/pumping break is unfortunately only for this one night...

  3. My fave is the berry abstract print / LOFT. Great color!

  4. They're all great choices. I love that Kirigami lilac/periwinkle dress the best! The color and shape would be really pretty on you, and it's different enough to not be boring. Let us know what you decide! :)

  5. Melissa-
    I like the teal green one, the black lace one or the navy one with the pretty shoulder detail. Those are my picks!

  6. baaah. almost all these dresses have sold out. or they're only in sizes that i just don't think i can wear currently ie: a small

    lost in your eyes, when the night falls, ascending pleats, kirigami


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