Tuesday, November 30, 2010

alright, you win

that's it, i give up.

it's been at least a year now.

by this time last year i had gained almost all my pregnancy weight.

currently i have lost almost all my pregnancy weight.

so i'm smaller than i was this time last year....yet i still can't get my engagement or wedding rings on my finger. 

so i'm biting the bullet and having the things re-sized.  my fingers are tired of being naked, and i keep thinking everyone thinks i'm teen mom... 

so goodbye size 4.5 rings.  we'll see what new size awaits Pin It!


  1. Holy cow! You have such little fingers!!! My rings weren't that size since my freshman year in high school. They are 7 now. lol

  2. Same hear. I went from a 4 to a 5. Had them resized a few months ago, and got some new (additional) diamonds in the process. Wasn't so bad I guess to go up a size :)


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