Friday, November 19, 2010

in decent order: my fridge!

i love people who are creative and craft- because i am neither of those things!  my friend tara runs a blog called in decent order (or indecent order) where she talks about what it's like to actually be organized and crafty!  a little more background on tara: we were camp counselors and roommates at camp skyline (go nightriders) nearly 10 years ago.  not only is she my favorite former camp roomie, she's a mother of 2 boys, funny, a southerner turned northerner who is now a southerner, always has something wise to say, and she does a mean michael jackson dance impersonation! 

anywho, a couple days ago tara opened the doors of her fridge for all to see, and she asked for her readers to do the same!  so, i took to my fridge with a camera, and shared a peek inside! 

you can view what's going on in the mcfridge here

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  1. thanks for the photos and input. it is fun to cross blog, no?!

    oh, i stole your description of me being a southerner turned northerner turned southerner again. i used it on my blog to rip on people who are cold. you might appreciate it. i'll have that post up later today. :)


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