Tuesday, November 16, 2010

nappy roots pt. 2

so remember here where i talked about doing this (again)?  it has now been 11 weeks (nearly 3 months!!) since i have last shampooed my hair.  how's it going?  it.  still.  sucks.

the oily stage is over.  my hair is now no longer completely greasy, and that is a relief... but...  it just still seems so.. dirty.  my hair has the consistency of straw- it feels like i could twist it into dreadlocks at any second and that they'd stick.  it seems like it's full of build up (of what, i don't know).  when i straighten it, it straightens well, but needs to constantly be brushed.  when i wear it curly, i have more springy curls, but it hangs so limp and the crown gets frizzy!  i don't know what's going wrong.

i started doing the baking soda wash once it got too oily, and it seemed to help, but now doesn't seem like it's working as well.  the simple mom article recommends washing daily with baking soda, while the mother nature network article says not to use it more than once every few WEEKS.   i've also started doing a once weekly "wash" with my conditioner.  since i color my hair, i'm supposed to use the conditioner once weekly anyway, so this has been a big help as far as making my hair a little more manageable.  and on the hair coloring front- i know these two aren't related, but it seems like my grays have multiplied!  aaaaah. 

i hate that i feel relegated to wearing a pony tail almost EVERY day.  especially with the holidays around the corner, but i don't know what else to do.  i don't want to give up.  i've come this far- i can't give in! 

 Seven months later, my hair has never looked better. It’s shinier and has more body, and my ordinarily flake-prone scalp is noticeably healthier. Plus, I get the self-righteous buzz of having beaten the system: I washed The Man right out of my hair and it stayed clean anyway.

so it's possible that i have 4 more months of crazy hair to put up with, but in the end i have the satisfaction of knowing that i did it. ::sigh::

here is my hair a few weeks ago.  ian seems disgusted, but it's not that bad!
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  1. glad for the update. i've been meaning to ask how its been going. i'm intrigued. i showed a friend of mine (a runner) and she was also interested, but worried about the sweat and stink factor.

    since i first read you original post, i've started washing my hair less frequently. maybe every 4 or 5 days. it seems that my oil production has slowed down (i used to wash every 2 days), though i don't know if my hair has enough body to be able to not wash at all. my upper layer is straight, though pregnancies have caused most of the underlayer to be very wavy.

    anywho, so interesting, mcmel, keep the updates coming!

  2. I am totally interested- maybe I will start really cutting back on shampoo first. But I exercise outside and can't imagine giving it up cold turkey.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  3. Good for your for sticking it out! I'm still using the DevaCare No-poo cleanser about once a week & love it. Your hair does not look greasy at all!

  4. I agree with Ashley, your hair doesn't look greasy at all. I go about 2 days without shampooing, but I'm too cowardly to go without shampoo-ing completely. However, you might inspire me!!


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