Friday, November 5, 2010

cute as pie

besides colder weather, sweaters, great boots, and football... one thing i think of when i think of fall is all of the delicious food and baked goods that come with the holiday season.  one of my favorites: pie.  i am a fan of pie- pumpkin, apple, cherry, etc.  i'm not picky.  when i came across this pie pan at macy's, i just had to have it

absolutely adorable.  it's from the martha stewart collection- which always has new and interesting kitchenware, gadgets and accessories (i have her to thank for outfitting my kitchen in "martha stewart blue").  the bottom of the pie pan reveals a recipe for pumpkin pie!  you'll want to start serving pie asap just to cut away and reveal the bottom of your pan!  we went ahead and purchased this for a family member for christmas, but if i accidentally ended up keeping it for myself... oops.  there was also an accompanying apple pie dish, but i can't seem to locate it anywhere, which is really upsetting because macy's has a habit of discontinuing it's msc, and this is a relatively new item (i'm still upset about the kitchenaid mixer discon.).  it sure beats a boring old glass or metal pie pan!  get it now while it's available, and on sale for only $14.99- what a steal!

i also saw this pan, and couldn't resist showing it...

happy baking!  what pies (or other goodies) are you looking forward to making this fall?
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  1. My Mom makes the BEST pies in the world, so I don't usally try to compete, but I am definitely going to make a cheesecake. LOVE your pumpkin pie pan. Perfection : ) and also love the pi plate. Too cute and creative for words!

  2. your review is up! thanks so much for writing it :)


  3. Soooo cute! This makes me want to make some pie - and I never bake/cook :).

  4. Oh I love love love that dish! :)
    My friends mom has a vintage one from the 70's that is 'how to make apple pie' I wish I had a dish like that!

  5. P.S. I think I convinced Cath to do a messy bun tutorial. We'll let you know when it's up ;)

  6. I love the "Pi" pie pan... awesome

  7. i can't even find the actual pumpkin pie dish on macy's site anymore. ugh! they get rid of all their cute stuff!!

    Lar & Cath- can't wait to see the bun tutorial- my hair needs help!!

    ryan- dave won a pumpkin carving contest at work last year- they carved "pi" into the pumpkin and made "pumpkin pi" i thought the pan was perfect!

  8. Ahh! I have been looking for a fancy pie dish for a while now! There's a green pattern one at Anthro that I have my eye on...

  9. his- i saw the one on - adorable!!


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