Wednesday, January 5, 2011

baby's first christmas

we spent ian's first christmas at my mom & dad's house in georgia.  it snowed there and everyone was acting like Jesus had been born again!  i guess it was meant to be for ian to have a white christmas regardless- b\c we knew it would happen in illinois.  i mean, we had a white thanksgiving, white new year, and we'll probably have a white valentine's day and a white st. patty's day... ::sigh::

ian made me so happy to have given birth to him by managing to scream 7 out of the 15 excruciating hours that it took us to get to georgia...  including a 3.5 hour non-stop sesh.  bravo kid.  nice lungs.  needless to say he was exhausted when we arrived, so everyone was able to get some much-needed rest.  we celebrated his birthday w\ our ga friends/family the next day, where he was an absolute delight (more on that after his real birthday). 

the next day after the party my dad started feeling sick, but no one thought much of it....  then as i was getting ready for church on christmas eve, i got ian up from his nap, and we were playing  and i tossed him into the air a few times...  it wasn't long before he threw up all over me... 3 times.  luckily i wasn't dressed for church yet- but he did puke on the slimming tank- so it was muffin top for christmas eve... oh well.  we thought it was maybe my tossing him that caused him to "toss his cookies", so we headed to church- where he did well, and sat relatively still throughout the service, but i fed him as soon as we got to dinner (mexican for christmas eve- love that tradition) and he couldn't keep it down, or anything else we gave him.  after i became the jerk that paged the pediatrician on christmas eve, and several attempts to get pedialyte into him, we gave up and put him to bed, and he slept it off.  he was out of it most of christmas day, but luckily he won't remember any of it.  unfortunately, my mom will remember that she was so sick, she had to spend the entire day in bed, and my uncle & brother's gf will remember the 27th, as will my husband, who by the divine will of God was able to drive us home before sucumbing to the nasty that was going around.  it wasn't just limited to us- my poor 4 y/o nephew spend 3 days in the hospitl w\ dehydration.  luckily everyone is back to feeling 100%!

ian was a lucky boy for christmas- we decided to stay small.  we chose to get him a few tops, a pair of pj's, a few books, one small toy, a push walker and we took a baby tent that we had used once, bought a pack of balls and made him a "ball pit" (it's probably his favorite thing).  between christmas and his birthday, he got so many toys, and a ton of clothes- he's still too small for a lot of them, but i'll probably just move him up b\c he needs to start wearing them!  this was just in ga- we still had illinois christmas on new year's day and his bday in a few weeks!  lucky guy!  here are some photos from the festivities!

 celebrating christmas at our house before leaving for ga

 one of the few christmas morning smiles, and opening a present with daddy's help

 ready to go back to bed- and he did- and he slept and slept!

kisses for my sweet boy
 trying out his walking toy, and standing with granddaddy's help
testing out one of my toys

i haven't uploaded any pictures from his other christmas, but he was just as uninterested in gifts then too!

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  1. Ugh that everyone was so sick!! I can't believe it's a 15 hour drive, I can't imagine doing that with the babe. Glad you all survived, and all are feeling better!


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