Tuesday, May 3, 2011

mommy reads: garden anywhere

i recently finished garden anywhere by alys fowler.  inspired by my desire to grow a garden for my 30/30 i read this book because i was basically clueless.  now i am even more clueless.  not really... ok, a little.  seriously though- i almost think i would've been better just going it myself- not b\c the book isn't well written or b\c alys isn't brilliant, b\c it is, and she is.  but there is so much to gardening, and now that i've read all her tips, i feel like i should be following her rules to the letter- and it's just so involved.  if i had done it myself, i probably just would've went and thrown everything into the same spot, but now... i can't.  or at least, i don't think i can...

alys shows you that you really can garden anywhere- from your lush, giant backyard, to 1 tiny window box.  from food to flowers- it's all there.  she even tells you how to start making your own compost, or how to worm compost (eww!). i'm so excited about starting a compost pile b\c this is also on my 30/30 list.  i'm also excited about gardening... if it ever gets warm enough for the love of a loving God.  this books is full of helpful tips and beautiful pictures.  i know i'll be a better gardener for it, once i get over my neuroses.  and this will be one of those books that i have with me while i'm gardening- reading to make sure i'm doing everything right b\c i'm crazy like that...  so if you're curious about gardening and want to have a garden, but not sure you have the space that allows for it- i definitely recommend you pick this book up.  i can't wait to show off my gardening skills... you know, if it ever warms up.
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