Monday, September 26, 2011

20 months

ian turned 20 months on tuesday!  scary!  in just 4 short months he will be 2- 2!!!!  so crazy.

this past month was huge for ian as far as development.  he went from saying just a few words and phrases to saying probably close to 50 words- maybe more!  he's also stringing short sentences together (up please, bye-bye; see you, i love you mama).  he's also really started to sing a lot.  he can now sing parts of twinkle, twinkle, abc's, jesus loves me, go cubs go, and a few songs from the shows he likes (yo gabba, fresh beats).  my favorite is when we watch ygg & he says "i like to dance!!"  he's also started climbing up & down on things (yikes).  luckily, it's just the couch & bed so far!  he now wants to sit on the couch next to you & watch tv or read.  it's really cute.

ian's also (even more) obsessed with books now.  he has always gravitated to books more than his toys.  whenever i go to get him up in the morning, i don't get a good morning.... no, he immediately starts pointing to his bookshelf & signing "more."  so, i have to get him up, let him pick his book out, and then i can get him changed.  he likes to carry the book downstairs and read while i'm making his breakfast.  this repeats all day long.  he normally always has a book within his reach.  for a while, he was obsessed with this one.  He's actually let a few others in now though.  He even knows the words to many of them.  On the way to my mom & dad's house he started reading his book and shouting "how bout them dawgs."  it was pretty cute.

ian's gotten pickier as far as food goes.  most of it for no reason.  he used to be all about blueberries & bananas, but right now it's grapes & applesauce.  he's still iffy with most vegetables, but will eat any veggie in a baby food pouch.  he also really likes the smoothies i make- which are full of veggies.  joke's on you, baby.  we usually make dinner at least 3 nights a week- and if it's something that i feel like ian can have, we'll share it with him... BUT... he never eats it.  of course, he's just a stinker- all you have to do is serve him leftovers for lunch the next day and he gobbles them up. 

ian's i-teeth are coming in.  all 4 at once.  which is super cool.  the top 2 have broken through the surface and he has cute little fangs.  the bottom ones are taking a little longer.

he's still alternating naps.  although lately it's been just one.  that's mostly because he doesn't wake up until 9 am most days (that's my boy).

i can't believe how big he's getting.  he just seems so big.  when i hold him, it seems like his limbs go on forever.  he's not a baby anymore.  :(

 ian & jack getting reacquainted
just lounging

the shirt says it all!

i didn't get so lucky this month- he kept tossing the paper back at me...  i had to ply him with the binks.  at least he's not crying!  :)
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