Friday, September 30, 2011

itasca's oktoberfast 2011 5k

as i'm sure you know, dave & i became triathletes this summer.  we've been training since february and did a race in july and another in august.  at the end of august we went to see my family in georgia.  we have been back for 3 weeks now and things at the gym haven't been going well.  we haven't been in the pool since we were at my grandparent's house, and we have only been to the gym together maybe twice in those 3 weeks.  luckily, dave rides his bike 2 nights a week from home, and i have been taking ian and going to the gym during the day.  we really hoped to squeeze in one more triathlon before the season ended, but the weather in illinois has not been above 70 since we've been home...  and this is the last weekend of triathlon season... so.... guess we'll start again next year!  

so.... i think it was me who had the brilliant idea... let's do a 5k!!!  it'll be SO fun!  i have ran 2 5ks in my entire life-  1.  sophomore year cheerleading camp.  2.  schaumburg triathlon.  both of these had similar results.  i'm not a runner.  i don't love it.  i don't get a "runner's high."  i don't like it.  but what will i be doing at 9 am saturday morning you ask?  running a 5k.  why?  why?  maybe it was the promise of free beer & brats after the race (wait, i don't even like beer!)  maybe it was the free goodies (those are always nice).  whatever it is, i'm crazy... and i'll be running a 5k saturday morning.  not sure if dave & i are running  together or not.  it is fun to have someone to run with, but i definitely would just be holding him back...  we'll see.  so please send luck, prayers, and well wishes this way.  i certainly need them!!!

results on monday?  yes!
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