Monday, September 19, 2011

labor day weekend in atlanta

we decided to go to atlanta to see family & friends for ldw since we had free time off of work, and it had been 4+ months since our last trip.  we were miraculously packed & ready to go when dave got home, so we hit the road.  our road trip was crazy as usual- ian did not do very well.  luckily, we made a stop halfway down in murfreesboro, tn to see dave's cousin who had just moved down there to start school at middle tennessee state university.  

we ended up getting to my mom & dad's house pretty late, and finally we were able to get everyone settled into bed.  since  thursday (our anniversary) was spent in misery on a road trip, we were looking forward to a date night on friday.  we planned a movie & dinner, but the movie ended up having to be pushed back.  we went back & forth over where to eat dinner, but ended up picking an old favorite with six feet under.  I had delicious calamari tacos!  we decided to follow up dinner with dessert- and for that we went somewhere new.  we ended up heading to flip burger and having the milkshakes!  dave had a nutella & burnt marshmallow milkshake, and i went with the krispy kreme.  YUM! 

saturday i had lunch with a dear friend.  we spent 4 hours telling stories, catching up and giggling over yummy mexican food.  it was the only friend i saw the entire trip.  i had a blast with her, and it was tons of fun, but at the same time it was really sad.  i've always had this fear that i would eventually become irrelevant to my friends at home and people would forget about me because we've been away for so long.   that evening we watched the georgia game.  not good. 

sunday we traveled to see my grandparents, aunt, uncle & cousin.  ian had a really good time running around- and swimming in the pool!  he loves the pool!  dave & i may have had more fun in the pool- it was like being a kid again going down the slide and doing crazy diving board jumps! 

we came back monday evening and dave & i took our movie night.  we went to see the help.  loved it.  i'm pretty excited to read the book now.  if i can finish what i'm reading now....

tuesday we took our little guy to the aquarium.  he did pretty well.  he didn't seem to impressed with many of the animals, but he did love the penguins!  when we got up in the tube, it was so cute to suddenly hear him say "hi birdy!!"  so cute. 

and with that, our whirlwind trip was over.  it was back to chicago- a trip that went much smoother than our trip down, tg.  can't wait to plan our next trip- probably around the holiday!  woo!

be prepared for photo overload...  


 wild man!

 this photo is so funny b\c ian was pumped about this giant blow up bulldog, until he got within 10 feet of it.

 enjoying the aquarium

 creepy eyes in the penguin tube!

 ian and dave with bernie & billie

 ooh.  more fish!


 sweet shark hats!


 reading with granddaddy

 and grandma

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