Tuesday, September 27, 2011

mommy reads: between a rock and a hard place bka: 127 hours

i am not an outdoorsy person.  sure, i love sports, staying active, and being outside.  however, i do not really seem to care for outdoor activities.  i've never skied or snowboarded.  i don't go rock climbing (unless it's a wall), i don't hike or camp.  it's just not something that i enjoy.  lots of people love all these things- they thrive off of that kind of stuff.  this book is for you.  now, i'm not saying that i didn't love this book because i'm not the outdoor type- but it definitely pushed me toward enjoying it less.  

most people have seen 127 hours by now- if you  haven't, then you probably at least know the outcome- if you don't, well, it was national news once, so don't consider this a spoiler.  in the movie, aron ralston is canyoneering when he jars a rock loose, which tumbles down with him, pinning his arm to the wall and trapping him.  by a miracle of God, he manages to survive for 6 days with no sleep & hardly any food or water in a remote part of utah, before making the gut wrenching decision to cut his arm off, or die.  i loved this movie.  the movie is so realistic & really gets you.  highly recommended.  

the book on the other hand....  i'm not one to say this...  but the book is a case of aron ralston finally getting what was coming to him.  the book alternated between ralston's time stuck in the canyon & the experiences he had before the accident, and what led him to where he was.  he was an idiot.  although ralston was very good at and very experienced in what he did- he was egotistical - and it nearly cost him his life.  i just kept reading through chapter after chapter shaking my head saying "what an idiot!"  seriously, this guy is lucky to be alive, and unfortunately learned his lesson the hard way.  the book definitely takes away the sympathy you have after watching the movie.  it took me 2 attempts and over a month to read this book- a struggle.  i'll be going for any easy read next to cleanse my mind...

book: 1.5/5 stars.  movie 4/5 stars
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