Monday, October 24, 2011

21 months

it's so hard to believe that in 3 months ian will be 2!  he turned 21 months yesterday!  i'm kinda going to be glad when i can stop counting months.  when do you stop counting months?!  dave always gets it wrong now...

this has probably been my absolute favorite month as a mother SO FAR.  the changes and developments that ian has made this month- fascinating. 

ian is probably learning 5-10 new words a day.  it's almost scary!  if you say a word to him, 9 times out of 10, he's going to repeat it back to you.  "go get your shoes, ian"...  "shooos, shooos."  there's not much of anything that gets by him.  he's still not talking in "sentences", but he's starting to string words together- "bless you" (anytime you sneeze, cough, sniffle, he sneezes, etc), "how are you", "thank you", "you're welcome", "i love you"... 

singing has become really big.  i have been singing to ian since he was born.  i always sing before naps and bedtime, and we have started singing during the day too.  my lineup usually consists of twinkle, twinkle little star, the abcs, jesus loves me, you are my sunshine, great day, and paparazzi (yes).  dave follows that up with go cubs go & bear down, chicago bears.  recently though ian took to the goodbye song (the video is a must).  he sings it about 10-20 times a day even doing the high notes (again, the video).  lately, he has taken to changing the lyrics to fit whatever situation he's in (all done, shoes on, thank you).  it's pdc.  he actually now can sing most of the songs we sing in full.  i'm impressed. 

another thing the singing has helped with is the alphabet- about 2-3 weeks ago ian amazed us when he sang the alphabet from a to z.  of course, this is probably more a song memorization thing rather than my son is a baby genius...  of course, right before he wowed us with the alphabet, he knocked our socks off one night by counting to 10.  are you kidding me kid?!?!

ian has finally started playing with some of his toys- which brings me a lot of relief since i felt like i had to be the entertainer for almost 8 hours a lot of the time.  he's also really taken a liking to art- he loves crayons, markers & paint. 

i would love to get him in some kind of school or kids program.  i want to try & work one day out of the house after we move, so i can hopefully leave my job @ target.  a friend of mine in georgia takes her daughter to a church school for toddlers that's 3 hours a day and they do all kinds of fun stuff and she interacts with other kids.  plus, it's super cheap.  so far, i can't find anything like that here in illinois.  he's either too young, or it's $900 park district preschool (please).  if anyone knows of anything like this, please let me know.  i know he'd love it.  if not, i'm moving home...  :)

other than that everything is pretty much the same.  ian sleeps until 9-10, is down to 1 nap a day, and goes between eating like a little piggy & eating like a little bird.  he's still in 12 mo pants and can wear 18 mo pants with a cloth diaper or belt.  he wears 9-18 month tops and 6-12 or 12-18 month pjs.  he's still our little skinny guy!  his new teeth are all in, so he's up to 16 total. 

we're not potty training.  he just isn't ready.  he's actually gone on it twice by accident, but refuses to sit any other time.  he thinks the potty is a shoe.  i. am. so. ready.  we'll keep at it.  i was potty trained by 22 months and my brother by 24.  fingers crossed!

still no results from the blood work our allergist required us to get. the test was 2 months ago, the results were in by the time we got back from atlanta, but they haven't bothered to call us with them.  i have decided not to bother to pay my bill.  it's sad that we have to pay bills like this in the first place, but thanks for the awesome insurance, ge. 

i will leave you with cute pictures of ian b\c that always helps me forget for a little while that my husband's company has screwed us into near financial ruin with their insurance "plan."  enjoy this little cutie!  i do!  oh, and i went overboard...

 sweetest face.

 these 2 = trouble

 no photos please!

 someone doesn't belong here!


 ian, ian motorcycle

 again... trouble.

 what happens if you leave the freezer open.  the pizz-burglar strikes

 i like hats.  i didn't say i liked good hats.

 go sparty!

 i will not pose for photos in our matching team gear!

 playing haa-key and riding my giraffe!

 you want me to hold this?

 nope, not holding it, and it's not sitting in the chair with me!

nyah, nyah, i win this month!
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