Thursday, October 20, 2011

moving... it's so emotional

so, i've been very absent lately...  duh.  as i've mentioned before- we're moving.  in 10 short days we will be moving for the 3rd time in the almost 3 years that we have lived here.  now we're not moving far.... just a mere 15 miles, but it almost seems like a world away... 

here's the map.  feel free not to stalk me... 

dave will be closer to work, which is good for him... however, i will be farther away from both of my jobs.  i've been debating whether or not to put in a transfer to go to a store closer to me, but i already don't like my job enough as it is...  i'd hate starting over somewhere else, although there are 2 other stores within 4 miles of my home. 

work aside...  that has nothing to do with the emotions of moving.  we've been up here for almost 3 years, and there are still emotions from leaving atlanta to come here.  leaving the house we bought together, the house we came home to after our wedding.  the house that we made our home.  we were only there 18 months before we made the move to come up here.  we spent some time living with dave's parents before we moved into this house 2 years ago. 

when we moved in here i was almost 3 months from giving birth to ian.  it was the house we chose to live in as a new family.  this is where we painted his room, put together his crib, washed his itty bitty clothes.  it's where we chose his name, it's the room i would sneak into at night, long before he was born, and the room we still sneak into at night to check & see if he's still breathing to see how adorable he is when he sleeps.  this is the "home" that we brought him home to, where we saw his first smile, watched him crawl, where he took his first steps.  it's where we drank through a blizzard, and where my dad burned 40 lbs of ribs.  laughed until we cried, and cried until we laughed.  who knew there could be so many memories in one little place in such a short time. 

so again, we move.  and although we would have liked to have stayed- we asked to stay.  our rent is increasing, and the value is not.  we will move into another place, and it will be home for a while, but my question is this- when will our son, our family have a real place to call home.  one that isn't renewed by contract, one that we can fully make our own.  i have wiped the tears from my eyes walking into his room realizing that it won't be his room much longer... and that we still have to repaint!  but i realize this- maybe home for us isn't a physical place- at least not right now.  i guarantee it will come one day- where we own our own place again, the place that ian can say is "the house i grew up in."  just not right now.  for us...  home is wherever i’m with you.

so i remind myself that we haven't found our home, not just yet.  and these temporary places will have to do.  they may be where the memories happened, but i'm taking the memories with me.

i'll miss a few things about this place:  proximity to work.  proximity to everything (we're kinda moving to "the middle of nowhere"- not really, but compared to where we are now, yes).  giant closet in our room & in ian's room.  ian having his own bathroom in his room.  my garden.  no steps to get into the house.  attic space.  my lazy susan cabinet.  my shower curtain (again... really?!).  stairs... maybe.  finally being w\in 5 miles of chick fil a. 

what i won't miss:  lack of carpets.  having to vacuum/mop the white tile multiple times a day.  20 y/o heating system.  20 y/o washing machine.  all the mirrors.  vertical blinds.  garage door that doesn't open when the temp gets below 15.  my microwave.  my assy neighbors.  motorcycles racing down wise rd.  the skunks (oh, please don't tell me it smells like skunk in c-ville every night too).  white tile.  no carpet (it was worth saying again). 

so ready to make some new memories in our new place.  and can't wait to share it with you!! Pin It!

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