Thursday, October 13, 2011

outfit transition- sunset glory dress

ever since i participated in the 30 for 30, er, 30 for 29 challenge, i've been looking for more creative ways to dress from my closet.  i have pulled 10 bags of clothes out of my closet to donate or attempt to sell in the last year (which is really sad, right?  but what's more sad- that i'm getting rid of 10 bags of clothes, or that i had 10 bags worth of clothes)...  clothes that will never again fit the body of one who had a baby, and clothes that fit the body of someone who just had a baby.  i am left with the in between.  i am resolving for the next month (or however long it takes) to wear the things in my closet that i haven't worn in a while.  try them out and see if they are worth keeping.  yesterday, i wore a cute purple plaid tunic & leggings.  i bought the tunic & wore it while i was pregnant.  the tunic is super cute, but one of the buttons kept gaping out- guess what melissa?  it doesn't fit, so you don't need it.  of course, if it was gaping open now, how did it look when i was pregnant... yikes!

i also want to put together more creative ways to make clothes last for more than one season.  so here is my first attempt at taking a look from spring/summer into autumn/winter!

starring:  modcloth's sunset glory dress

dress: modcloth
jacket: loft
bag: vera bradley
shoes: seychelles


dress: modcloth
cardigan: target
tights: target
booties: forever 21

i was able to cozy up my outfit just a bit by adding a 3/4-length cardigan and toasty tights in a gorgeous navy shade!  on my feet are the most painful shoes i've ever worn in my life- adorable booties from forever 21.  it was my first time wearing them... i really hope that's why they're so painful. 

so this was fun... can't wait to try it again soon once it gets cold.. again. 
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