Wednesday, January 4, 2012

23 months

i can't believe this is the 2nd to last update that i'll be doing for ian.  every day i can't believe that we're getting close to ian's 2nd birthday.  it seriously just seems like yesterday that he was put into my arms for the first time, yet sometimes it seems like it was so long ago that i hardly remember what he was like as a baby. 

ian is so chatty- he talks to me all day long.  mostly he's talking about "cars" or "stories."  it's so funny the things he says.  telling strangers that they're silly, or looking at you and saying "you're stinky."  he keeps us entertained.  he also loves to sing songs all day long- he can sing a little bit of everything- from frosty the snowman (which he sang during the christmas eve service communion prayer...oops) to can you feel the love tonight.

ian's favorite toys are his cars, and he loves reading his books.  those are the 2 big things that he's into right now.  he loves matchbox cars/hot wheels- he's got a nice little collection going.  his cousins are really into cars, and his uncle mike has been teaching him what each car is.

ian is finally fitting into most of his 18 month clothes- i can definitely tell he's getting taller & putting on some pounds.  i'm guessing he's probably close to 25 lbs- but we'll find out at his 2 year appointment later this month.

ian's favorite things to eat right now are blueberries, applesauce, peas, breads, hot dogs and waffles.  he has a healthy appetite most days, although there are occasions where he just refuses to eat, and i guess that's  normal for kids his age.

we're definitely in the terrible twos stage.  there is a lot of weeping and gnashing of teeth- most days we've both got to just take a chill pill.  i have gotten much better at just letting it pass by ignoring it, or just asking ian to use words with me to express what he's so mad about- which most of the time seems like nothing.  this has got to be a hard stage for kids- not a baby anymore, and just getting into big kid stuff- it seems a lot is going on from potty training to a new bed, and for a lot of kids his age- new siblings.  ian has a while before he'll have to deal with that though.

we're not potty training.  ian is uninterested and frankly just doesn't have time- he's too busy to actually stop and use the potty.  i'm not in a hurry, but it sure would be nice.  ian's also still in his crib- i figure why rush things if he's still content in there, and he is- he hasn't tried to escape yet, so i'm fine with him sticking in the crib a while longer.

i can't believe the next update will be ian's 2nd birthday- i can't wait to share about his birthday and all the fun we had at christmas.  here are some pictures from month 23!!

there are a lot of pictures coming, and a big eff you to blogger for making me upload them three times.  i hate you.  seriously.

 wearing daddy's head warmer

 shirtless "cheeeeese" face

 eating crayons for thanksgiving

attempting to get christmas card photos

 peanut butter jelly time!

 finding the perfect tree

new hiding spot

 waiting to see santa

even newer hiding spot

 more apprehension over santa

 23 months!!!!

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