Thursday, January 12, 2012

dinner by pinterest v. 2

so, my first edition of dbp seemed to be a hit, so i thought i'd do it again.  i'm always cooking- so much that i have a huge problem where i rarely make the same thing twice- even if there's something i make that i really love.  i've gotten a little better about pulling out the repeats- in fact, i've already made one of these meals twice, and i'll definitely be making it again...  bon appetit! 

crock pot buffalo chicken
if you have ever read the haps, you've probably seen mandy's post about making crock pot buffalo chicken.  this recipe is EVERYTHING it's been advertised as.  ah-maz-ing.  we've already made it twice, and each time we've made it, it's made so much food that it lasts us nearly a week!!!  it's only 3 ingredients...  chicken, a bottle of frank's red hot buffalo wing sauce, and hidden valley ranch dip mix.  the recipe calls for butter as well, but we've skipped that step both times and i've been really happy with it.  pinned from here...

so easy... 1.  add chicken (thawed or frozen) to crock pot and top with the sauce and dip mix.  crock on low for about 5-6 hours.  2.  with 30 minutes to go, remove chicken and shred.  3.  add back to the crock and let it absorb all the yumminess...  enjoy!  we had our sandwiches on filone bread- and i topped mine w\ crumbled bleu cheese.  one sandwich is usually enough- and i usually serve chips or a veggie as the side.  when we're all out of bread, we use the leftover meat to make a quesadilla with mozz & bleu cheese (for me).  the meat is a little spicy, but even ian enjoyed little bites of the chicken from our sandwiches.  

crock pot hawaiian bbq chicken
yet again another delicious recipe that i saw on the haps.  and again, so simple.  chicken, bottle of bbq sauce (any will do), a can of pineapple chunks and minute rice.  i don't normally buy minute rice, and i didn't feel like making regular rice, so we made sandwiches out of ours.  again, it's so easy- 1.  add the chicken, top with bbq sauce and the drained pineapple and cook on low 5-6 hours.  2.  with 30 minutes to go, remove the chicken, shred and add back to the crock to  soak up the sauce.  since i was too lazy to make rice, we had ours on hawaiian rolls (they have the buns).  the sweetness of  the rolls was just too much yummy.  we made the sandwiches until we were out of bread and then went the quesadilla route again- mozz cheese, bbq sauce mixed w\ a little ranch and the chicken... nom nom.  pinned from here!

and apparently i didn't take a photo of the deliciousness that was this sandwich... although i swear i did...  you'll just have to follow the links to deliciousness....  so you'll just have to imagine!
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