Wednesday, January 25, 2012

wish list friday, er wednesday... for you

dear ian- i can hardly believe you're already 2.  time has gone by so fast- too fast if you ask me. this is a big year for you- so many changes are coming this year- i certainly hope we survive.

my wishes for you this year- health & happiness first and foremost.  my hopes are that we have a year with very few sicknesses- no sniffles or coughs, no nights with upset tummies.  i'm sure i'm dreaming here, but this is a wish list.

i hope that you're happy- i know this year is going to be tough.  there's just so much that you just don't understand- i wish i could explain everything to you and make you understand- that this minute's problem will be forgotten in just seconds.  i hope that you'll understand that screaming & crying aren't getting you anywhere- you're such a big boy- with words- use them.  i'm listening.

i wish that i'll have the patience to deal with the challenges that we're going to face this year- you're definitely a good teacher.

i wish that you'll have lots of adventures this year- from the simple ones at home, to a journey away from home.  ball games, picnics, you name it.  we're going to have fun this year.

i wish that you'll only continue to get smarter and funnier- you amaze me every day with something you say or do, and you make me laugh a dozen or more times a day.

i wish for more love and hugs than you already share with me.  you're my little snuggs bunns.

i wish for lots of family time together.  this may be the last year it's just the 3 of us- although i'm not ready to share you yet.

i wish for more time in general. it's just going by so fast.

i love you little eans beans.  i wish everything for you.

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