Friday, January 27, 2012

wish list friday: handmade goods

it's time to explore the world of handmade goods.  i am the least crafty person in the entire universe, so it really amazes me that people can make things- pretty things.  here are some things in the handmade world that i'm wishing for...

tiny fete pink arrow carryall by tiny fete.  this adorable bag combines hot pink with a graphic pattern.  adorable bag just to pick up & run out the door with.  this is from the etsy shop of one of my favorite bloggers

state map love custom print by anewhistory.  adorable custom made print.  would be so cute for dave & me.

doily envelope-style clutch purse by krust.  love this adorable clutch.  so cute for spring!

set of 5 porcelain lace bowls by hideminy.  these bowls are so pretty.  the detailing is really amazing.

my list is pretty short this week.  i'm sure there's so much more out there that i'm missing.  any handmade goods you just love?
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