Monday, April 23, 2012

steppin' out saturday: a few saturdays ago...

i told you i had been keeping up with stuff while we were on our trip.  we didn't really go out this past saturday (unless taking ian swimming counts), b\c i had spent the morning out with a friend and just wanted to spend a nice day at home.  we were out the previous 2 saturdays, however, so i have a little catching up to do. 

we had a lot of fun in atlanta- the weather was nice- too nice.  it's been hard to be back here b\c it's been cold.  this week promises highs around 60- woo.  i mean, it's almost may, so 60 seems... ideal..

we had a fun day on this particular saturday- we worked on food for easter dinner, then we boiled some eggs for ian to color.  of course, since the weather was so nice, ian wanted to spend the entire day outside, so once we finished coloring eggs, we went outside to throw the football around.

coloring eggs with mommy & uncle derek

easter egg thief!

on ian:
polo: the children's place
shorts:  carter's 
sandals:  keen

 top & skirt- loft
scarf- a gift (h&m)
sandals- seychelles

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