Monday, April 2, 2012

super easy easter craft

it goes without saying that i am probably one of the least crafty people in the entire universe.  which doesn't seem very fitting with the fact that i'm southern- it's like you're supposed to be born crafty.  every once in a while though, i make feeble attempts at being craftastic. 

we didn't go to church this weekend b\c ian was just so tired and spent most of the weekend screaming at the boths of us.  i wanted to still do something leading up to easter, so that he would maybe have a little bit of understanding about what the meaning of easter is.  one of ian's favorite books right now is his children's bible.  i know he probably likes all the colorful illustrated pages, but it's pretty funny to have him chasing you around the house screaming "biiiiblllle."  i wanted to read the bible easter stories this week anyways, so we decided to do something fun to prepare for easter & learn about palm sunday. 

i had green construction paper on hand, so what could be easier than making palm branches out of them- plus, they're lots of fun to dance with (ian is currently doing the elmo slide with them... help us).  they probably won't make it to tomorrow, but they're still lots of fun! 

1.  find green construction paper and draw your palm branches.  i used one page for both branches.  my first one was way prettier than the second- so i had to improvise to a make it look a little more normal.  this is my ugly palm branch...

2.  cut out the palm branches- easy enough- just takes a little time. 

3.  next i got him to sit with me and i read him the palm sunday bible story and taught him to wave his palm branches and say "hosanna" which sounds more like "aaannna"

see, that was so simple.  ian enjoyed listening to the story & then running around like a wild man waving his palm branches...

and then the palm branches took an airplane ride- it's probably too cold here & they needed to go back to their own climate...

any fun easy easter crafts that you do in your house? Pin It!

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