Friday, April 20, 2012

good grief

the next time anyone suggests that we drive to georgia, spend a week there, drive home, sleep, repack our suitcases and drive to indiana for a few days and then drive back- and we think that's a good idea.  STOP US. 


i love my child so much- but i didn't think we were both going to make it out alive.  poor boy.  up almost every night late + waking up at an early hour = we are still catching up on sleep.  lots of weeping and gnashing of teeth.  fun trips- but never want to do them back to back again!!

poor blog- you've been so neglected too.  i had poor internet for part of the trip, making it very hard to do anything... ugh.  so hard to get back into things.  but i'll try.

for now i'm going to go to bed- i told dave i wasn't stay up to watch the rest of benjamin button and now i'm crying and the credits are rolling- bed time?  yes.  Pin It!

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