Monday, May 21, 2012

dinner by pinterest v. 4

after our back to back trips i was glad to get back home and into the kitchen to cook!  although we had a pretty mild winter here, spring has been very slow coming around- this week finally seems to be the beginning of our true spring.  i sadly missed a gorgeous day inside the office at work- but such is life for most people.

here are a couple yummy recipes that i want to pass along to you...

another simple recipe with only a few ingredients that cooks in the crockpot all day while you are free to do whatever you'd like!  can easily be vegetarian by omitting the chicken & added more veggies +  you can add spices to your taste.  my only complaint- it was a little salty for me (my taste buds can be sensitive to salty things), but next time i'll fix that by not adding the entire pack of ranch dressing mix.  overall- very tasty and a different take on chili.  pinned from here.

yum yum.  this might be one of my favorite pinterest recipes ever!  it was super easy to make & really yummy!  we did some uncle ben's 90 second white rice with ours & some veggies & it was perfect!  we don't eat chinese out or in hardly ever & this was a perfect way to have some chinese food at home.  i might throw in a little broccoli next time for some extra veggie goodness!  make this!  pinned from here.

have you made either of these ?

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