Tuesday, May 1, 2012

mommy reads: drowning ruth

lately i've kind of been coming & going with reading.  if i get involved in something too intense, i usually need to take a breather.  this happened after twilight and happened again after reading the hunger games (i guess i never reviewed those either).  i finished this book pretty quickly too, but life hasn't slowed down, therefore i haven't read since i finished it....

drowning ruth was picked for oprah's book club in 2000.  i honestly couldn't care less about what oprah thinks is a good book, but i was still drawn to the storyline.

drowning ruth takes place during wwi.  older sister amanda has just had a nervous breakdown & left her job as a nurse to head home to rural wisconsin for a break.  she goes to live with her sister mathilda & her daughter ruth (malthida's husband carl is fighting in france).  less than a year after amanda's arrival, mathilda is dead- she is found under the ice in a pond on their property.  when carl arrives home from france he finds ruth under amanda's tight grip.  the story is told by 2 narrators- amanda & ruth.  amanda alternates between past & present while ruth mostly tells about the present, but every now & then brings up the night she drowns.

i don't really want to go into too much detail b\c it would totally give the book away, but the entire time you're reading you're trying to figure out how mathilda drowns and the secrets that are uncovered along the way are pretty crazy- and will lead to the shocking truth about the night mathilda drowns.  i remember several times just stopping and saying "omg!"  it was an easy read & an enjoyable read.  i'd recommend it (i actually left it for my mom to read).


anyone else read this?  thoughts?

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