Wednesday, May 9, 2012

reviews: nuvia cafe instant coffee

i am a fair weather coffee fan.  i will drink it daily for weeks straight and then hardly touch it for months.  this drives dave crazy.  he hates coming home from work and seeing coffee still sitting in the pot, or even worse: half a cup of coffee or more in a mug.  the only time i will drink coffee it seems is when i buy it (probably something about paying for it) & if we're at a dinner or something.  instant coffee is more up my alley- but the taste leaves a lot to be desired.  with that being said- i was a little skeptical about nuvia cafe when i found out it was instant coffee- that's how i used to drink my coffee when i lived in my apartment without a coffee maker.  it. was. awful.  however- nuvia cafe doesn't taste like instant coffee- and it actually tastes better than the coffee we've been brewing at home (sorry dear)!  i was pleasantly surprised!  dave & i are both fans of strong-flavored coffee- and nuvia has a delicious bold taste- just the way i like it.

made up of only 4 ingredients: sumatran arabica coffee that is infused with african mango seed, pomegranate &  ganoderma (all certified 100% organic).  so you're probably wondering what those ingredients are, especially since nuvia cafe says they're instant healthy coffee.  ganoderma is an ancient asian mushroom that's been used in traditional chinese medicine.  the ganoderma mushroom is thought to have many healing benefits- immunity booster, anti-tumor effects, blood pressure lowering.  nuvia cafe also is a premium appetite suppressant & supports healthy energy.  i can't really speak for the appetite suppressant- since i work out during the day, i find myself pretty hungry throughout, but i do feel like it gives me good energy without an afternoon crash- and I can still sleep at night without feeling wired!

i'm sold on the taste of nuvia cafe alone, but add in these health benefits, and i'm hooked.  i'll definitely be carrying some nuvia cafe with me when i go back to work next week! 

nuvia cafe can be ordered online, ships the next day and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee!  also be sure to check them on out on twitter or facebook

I received a sample of the above product to try for free and keep in exchange for a review.  I received no further compensation.  All opinions are honest & my own.
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