Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Anniversary/Week 20!

More on week 20 to come later...

It's our 2nd anniversary! The cotton anniversary! I can't believe Dave & I have been married for 2 years already, although we have been together for at least forever. Sometimes I think of this baby, and are we ready for it?! That may be a ridiculous question to ask now, but I'm hoping everyone who is having their first child feels this way! Dave & I have been together 7+ years, and out of all that time, we have only lived in the same vicinity as each other for just 2 of those years. My time with him is very valuable. I guess a good way to put it, as a friend put things once, is that I'm very jealous of my time with him. Am I willing to share my time with my husband with our baby. I know the answer is yes, but it's hard to imagine how life will change- it won't be so easy to just "get away" to the beach, the store, anywhere! Watching movies or tv may be a thing of the past- just getting a conversation in may be hard to begin with. Now I'm probably over-dramatizing things just a bit, but it's still something I think of. By our next anniversary, the baby will be almost 9 months old, and that does make things a little easier. Like I said, I think I'm making this out to be harder than it really will be. We're so excited, and we're so blessed, and we're so ready for our lives to change for the better! It's funny b\c we are very lucky- it didn't take us very long to get pregnant. We started talking about it at the end of 2008. I was tired of taking the pill, so I stopped taking it, and then we waited a couple months before we actually started trying. I used an online "ovulation calendar/predictor" although I didn't know how accurate they were and we just went by that. I had my annual appointment w\ my midwife on May 8th, the day before we moved, and I had told her I wasn't sure things were working out, but little did I know I was already pregnant!

This 2nd year of marriage has held many ups and downs for us, and i will hold onto all of them and remember our joys and struggles and look forward to all the joy that is sure to come with this 3rd year of marriage! Although everything may not be exactly the way I had planned it to be, I can positively say that the best is yet to come! Pin It!

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