Tuesday, June 22, 2010

30 before thirty

i just love making it lovely.  besides watching her renovate her bungalow, she had a wonderful idea with her 30 before thirty post. she only gave herself 6 months to complete her list- i'm giving myself a year.  this is the time to stop saying and start doing.  her list is pretty awesome, so i have a few things on there that she also has, but were things i really need to do!  so here we go.......

it's hard to believe 30 is my next birthday.  i'm so excited... i'm so.. scared.

1.      renew my passport 
2.      visit canada 
3.      start an actual work out plan or start riding a bike 
4.      lose the rest of my baby weight + 10 
5.      bike out to crystal lake and back 
6.      drink less soda 
7.      visit babyland general 
8.      develop a weekly plan for keeping our house clean 
9.      finish printing all my pre-baby photos and put them into albums 
10.  plant a garden 
11.  date night with husband twice a month 
12.  finish watching all of the academy awards best pictures or afi top 100 
13.  take our first family vacation 
14.  pay off hospital bills so we can pay off student loans and be debt free! 
15.  teach ian sign language 
16.  get my nose pierced- maybe? 
17.  bake a cake from scratch 
18.  cloth diaper and cloth wipes 
19.  start a compost pile 
20.  make ian’s baby food myself   (done)
21.  eat healthier- more cooking at home! 
22.  finish the love dare 
23.  join the rest of the modern world with a smart phone 
24.  get rid of the clothes in my closet/drawers that i’m never going to wear again 
25.  have all my old camp/college tshirts made into quilts 
26.  take ian to the georgia aquarium 
27.  get rid of our junk- have a yard sale at my parents home 
28.  file our financial documents- shred the junk! 
29.  visit at least 5 more ballparks 
30.  drink at least 32 oz. water a day

i know some of these are silly, but it's worth a shot!    358 days to go...

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  1. How awesome! I made all of Cooper's baby food and was able to expose him to a much wider variety than the jar foods. He loved it and it was so easy. I have some great recipes when you get closer.

  2. i so want to do # 16 also!

    # 17 is easier than you think.

    # 23, me too!!!

    love the list, good luck, and keep us posted!

  3. I want to go to Canada too : )My bro is goin to do his masters there ,so i think i will definitely be visiting him ..
    I hope you will be able to complete doing everything on the list.. good luck :)

  4. What a great idea! Cath and I are nearing 27 in a couple of days, but I definitely feel more 30ish than mid-twenty something these days. I'll make sure to do one of these too- maybe starting now ;)

    ps- Happy belated birthday too!

  5. (I came upon your blog through the next blog feature)

    Turning your t-shirts into a quilt is a fun project! I did that with 24 of mine and have an almost-king sized quilt! It's not a hard project if you know how to sew already :) good luck with your 30-before-30


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