Tuesday, June 15, 2010

i wish for

my birthday is coming up very soon!  i love birthday's.  mine and others.  i love giving gifts, and i love getting gifts.  who doesn't?  some people always have a hard time knowing what they want for their birthday- i am not one of those people.  i always have some kind of running list going of books and other things i want.  here are my top wishes for this year...

clothes from ann taylor loft.  so yes, i shouldn't buy all my clothes from one place, but i can afford them.  they fit.  they're cute.  i love this place.  i love it!

the get outta town shoe from seychelles.  i saw these shoes about a week ago, and i am absolutely in love.  i know there are lots of knock offs around- payless has a pair, and someone at my next door neighbors house on saturday had a pair sitting outside their our door.  it took all my willpower not to steal them- but then i remembered poor carrie at the baby shower on satc. 

gone with the wind 70th anniversary edition.  i love this movie.  i could watch it a million times.  i already own a copy, but not this copy. 

i am in love with this vintage style cake tin.  it gives me the inspiration to bake a thousand cakes, just so i can show up with them in this tin!!

chance chanel by chanel.  i am in love with the way this smells.

this mixer will be on my wishlist until the end of time i get it.  sorry husband.  unfortunately, this color has been discontinued and people think it's cool to sell it for $700.  supply and demand, baby.


i would love another pair of havaianas

hopefully i will get lucky!!  have a happy tuesday!!
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  1. ahh the kitchen aide mixer . . . that's been on my wish list for the past, oh, 6 years. someday hopefully it'll appear for birthday or christmas.

    great list, i hope you get everything!

  2. Advanced Birthday Wishes.. i love those shoes.. I'm crazy about shoes.. i wish i could buy all the shoes i like and have my own shoe room like all those celebrities but that ain't happening in the near future ;)

  3. i know i already commented, but gotta tell you i LOVE the new picture header, oh he is just so cute!!!!!!!

  4. thanks! it's good to know that someone can still wear my rings...


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