Monday, June 28, 2010

father's day/5 months/braves game

man, what a busy week!

last sunday was father's day and ian turned 5 months old!!

i <3 fluffy buns

wednesday we went to the braves/sox game for my birthday.  the 30 mile trip to the southside took 3 hours.  the ike was flooded and backed up both ways, tornado sirens were going off.  it was ridiculous.  we miraculously made it in as the national anthem was being sung.  the braves lost.  :(

the only redeeming thing about us cellular: views of the chicago skyline.

booooo, white sox!

snuggles with daddy- braves fan for a night!

what a fun week!  we are looking forward to our next trip to atlanta this friday!!!

also, ian is in a beautiful baby contest.  please vote for him here!
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  1. we have the same under sea world play mat; once he can sit, Ian will love it even more, it keeps little c occupied for a long time!

  2. Ian and Ryan have the same shirt, AND I also got that same card! Miss you guys :(

  3. Hi,

    I'm giving away a 2 piece clothing set from Halo!

    You can choose any color or size (they range from 0-3 months to 24 months!)

    Come on over to my blog if you are interested to enter :)

  4. Jenna saw the header picture and said Baby cute... this is the first time she is saying this : )

  5. oh, Jenna! that is so sweet!!

  6. Great pictures! Too bad the Braves played terrible that series.


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