Thursday, June 24, 2010

5 months old

holy crap, where does the time go?  how is it june and how do i have a 5 month old?!

so much has happened since the last weekly update which was midway through week 18 (almost 5 weeks ago)!  ian is changing every day.  it just amazes me!

as i said before ian has started rolling over- he is everywhere!  he hasn't become one of those babies who rolls from one side of the room to another- he is usually pretty content once he rolls over to his stomach.  he plays on his back for a while, and when that bores him, he just rolls himself over.  he does do the scoot in a circle thing, and if he sees something out of his reach, he can scoot himself to get it.

he's also really into everything.  his new favorite "toys" are my cell phone or the remote control.  if i put my hands on my cell phone, he stops everything he is doing and tries to reach for it!  speaking of reaching- he is still trying to develop his grasp reflexes.  he can grab at just about anything nearby, but he hasn't quite mastered the grasp, so he ends up just pushing everything away.

we're not experiencing stranger danger yet!!  of course, we will really test this out next weekend when we go back to atlanta- we'll see a lot of people we haven't seen in a couple months- so we'll see how well he responds.  we'll also see how well he deals with a 12 hour car ride now that he's older.  ugh.  gah, remember when flying was affordable?

ian's personality has really started to develop.  he loves to flirt with the ladies- the guys, he ignores.  with husband and i he is all smiles.  when we are serious, he looks at us seriouisly, and when we make jokes, or talk with funny voices to him, he laughs out loud.  it's really cute.  he gets so excited when dave gets home from work- he goes crazy kicking and smiling.  i think my favorite thing that he does happens any time i go in his room to wake him up or get him out of bed.  he's usually playing when i go in, but the second he hears my voice, he starts craning his neck to find me and he gives me the sweetest smile!  i love it!

ian is sleeping anywhere from 9-11 hours at night!!  now if only mommy would do the same.

ian has started teething.  ai yi yi!  he is one fussy boy.  thank God for teething tablets, orajel and tylenol!

well, i felt like this might have been an exciting update, but... here are a few photos

ian's church baby dedication

i love it when he falls asleep while i'm holding him.  free snuggles time!

he'll play with anything

 celebrating mommy's birthday!
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  1. Ian is gettin bigger and yes, how time flies..
    BTW i love ur dress in the first pic..
    Ian looks adorable.. i love it when they sleep while holding them... they look so sweet ,calm and peaceful while sleeping..
    the third pic shows he is working on his grasping skills ; )

  2. You guys are so stinkin cute - Happy Five months Ian!

  3. Hey i own Punk Rock Momma and you entered a contest for Sprout organic baby food well guess what you won. So email me at and i need your address so i can mail it out.


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