Monday, June 21, 2010

father's day

i am so lucky to have a life that has been blessed with so many special fathers.  

my own father

my grandfather (father's side)
(i actually keep a photo of my grandfather holding me when i was 3 days old on our refrigerator.)

this photo was taken in '03.  my grandfather passed away 4 years ago.

my other grandfather (mother's side)

my father-in-law
(can i just say how it looks like all my husband's childhood photos are at least a decade older than they really are)?

and now

and of course, my husband.  my wonderful husband.

you know, i thought my husband would be a good father, but he has exceeded my wildest expectations.  i would dare say he's probably a better father than i am mother.  he knows how to stay calm, he knows how to make ian laugh when he's at his angriest, he changes diapers, he reads all ian's books with voices, he steps in when i've had enough, he always produces a burp, he always makes it upstairs before i do- and when i get upstairs and i can't find him in our room i find him in ian's room standing over the crib "making sure he's still breathing."  he sure does love his little buddy.  and i love you. so. much.

ian doesn't know how lucky he is to have such a wonderful father, 2 grandfathers, a great grandfather and a great great grandfather (yes, i still have a living great grandfather)!  what a lucky boy.

and what a lucky girl am i.

happy father's day
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  1. great post! aweseome that your hubs can "always produce a burp", made me chuckle.


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