Friday, March 11, 2011

13 months

here's what went on for ian during his 13th month of life (january 20-february 20).

i've already talked about it before, but this month was hell.  the dr.'s visits, the er visit, a very unhappy, crying, screaming, mad-at-the-world little boy.  that was the story of this month.  it was no fun being one.  initially.

nursing is still going.  i'm really torn on whether to quit or keep going.  the bonding is great, but i want my body back (and i hear you drop 10 lbs, but who knows).  right now we're only doing it when he wakes in the morning and before lunch, and depending on the day when he wakes from his afternoon nap or before dinner.  so 2-3 times.  we're also only nursing at home, as his latest habits have made public nursing out of the question.

he is not a big fan of milk (which is crazy b\c i could drink a gallon a day if i had no self-control)- we've tried it at meals- cold or warm, and he's just not having it.  he is taking a bottle before bed though- i ran out of frozen bmilk, so we just switched to milk and used up what tiny amount of formula we had left- gradually reducing the formula and increasing the milk.  now, he will drink a warmed bottle of 2% milk before bed, but that's about it.  i am not too concerned.  he has a slight allergy from dairy.  plus he loves yogurt & cheese, so he's getting his fill.

on other foods- things are going the same.  i'll write more on this later.

ian is still saying "mama" "dada" "yeah" "uh oh" and has now added "hi" or "hey" "all done" and "no" (all these are rare).  he is a little giggle box now that he's not angry all the time.

swim class is going better.  there are still tears, and he wants his binky in the pool- but he seems to be liking it better.

i'm going to post pics now before i say too much considering it's time for me to post another one of these updates in just 10 days.. doh.

 there's a rumor a blizzard is coming, so they're making me wear this stupid suit...

yep, definitely a blizzard.  get me back inside.

me and mommy (or as one of her friends said, "look, snooki kidnapped your baby").  i was rocking those glasses long before snooks, btw.  and a family blizzard moment.

it takes the tub for-ev-er to fill up!

yay, finally in the bath!

13 months old!  this picture is sadly the best one.  someone doesn't like keeping still...
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