Wednesday, March 16, 2011

(we had a) blizzzzzzzzard...

so, i'm a little late, but we had a blizzard on the night of february 1st.  it started innocently enough with talks of snow- but i got to work that monday night and you would've thought we were in georgia.  bread, milk and eggs were flying off the shelves- and this is in an area that has a gazillion plows.  people were straight actin' a fool.  tuesday was the day that we were expected to get the snow.  dave called around noon and said they would be getting out of work early.  he came home, we prepared dinner, put the little guy to bed and waited...

around 7 pm is when it really started snowing- the wind was blowing like crazy and definitely unlike anything i had seen before.  a couple friends from home had called to see what the weather was like.  we watched the news and things were getting bad out- people were without power, lake shore drive had been shut down, starbucks was closed.  around 10, dave & i decided to have a couple drinks, bundle up and head outside to see what was going on.

this is all you could see.  also, this picture might be turned the wrong direction.  i really can't tell.

this is what you wear when you drink margaritas before going out into the snow.  rain galoshes, socks, fuzzy socks, tights, athletic pants, a tank top, a tshirt, a long sleeve t-shirt, a hoodie, your husband's most hideous old hockey sweater, a scarf, a ridiculous hat, gloves and mittens..

me, standing by a snow drift.  notice the snow is almost up to my hip

pretty crazy stuff!  by the next morning, the snow had stopped, but a state of emergency was declared in many counties and towns.  roads were closed.  we probably got around 20" total.  yikes!  the damage...

these pictures were taken while standing in my front doorway.  i literally couldn't take one step out of the house.  the snow had drifted into the walkway.  it stayed this way until they came and cleared it out around 7pm.  

views of our backyard. the first is between the screen and sliding glass doors.  the second is the backyard.  just solid white.

the driveway.  snowdrifts surround my car.

looking out to the right of our house

they came to plow around 12:30- and when they plow, they just pile it as high as it'll go!

the front view of our house

deadly icicles that were hanging off the shared roof

family fun.

so, we all managed to make it.  this was fun for about 15 minutes and then i was ready for it to go away.  i  really couldn't care less about blizzards or snow for that matter.  i have the "i've seen it once" mentality now, and would take the mild georgia winters (that i always thought were so cold) any day of the week...  

what about you?  are you a fan of snow?
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  1. I need a little bit of snow every year, but I'm happy that we only get blizzards in Atlanta about once every 10 years.


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