Wednesday, March 23, 2011

one year photos

we are so blessed to have so many photographers in our lives.  we have 3 relatives/close friends who do photography- so we are always lucky to have great photos taken. we once again chose dave's cousin's wife, julie to do our pictures (she did ian's newborn pics).  julie runs her own photography business, king photography.  i don't think any of my readers live in the ft. wayne, indiana area, but if you do- you should give julie a call!

i wish i could post all 45 photos, but i'll select a few of my faves. 

bt-dubs.  a big thanks to blogger for up adding all the photos to my upload box and then promptly disappearing as i tried to add them to my page.  good one.  i loved having to start that all over.


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  1. so cute!! I love the cake pictures! :) what a great idea! the family picture of you guys is so great, and Ian has beautiful eyes!

  2. Beautiful pictures!!!!! Especially the second one.. : )

    U guys make such a beautiful family!God Bless!

  3. What great pics of your precious boy!

  4. Ian is just so cute, I can't stand it! His big curious eyes, and that cute mouth, he's adorable! Love the pics :)

    And blogger has been really lame lately, doing weird stuff when I want to load pictures, mostly posting them sideways so I have to retry like a dozen times until it gets it right. Aargh!


  5. So cute!!! I love all of the photos - especially the ones of the three of you.

  6. Oh those eyes - I could get lost in those eyes! What beautiful pictures.

  7. Aweh!
    Super super super cute pictures!
    I swear, I can't believe that he is already a year old! :)

  8. super cute pictures of a super cute baby :) happy ONE YEAR!!! WOOT WOOT! ian.


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