Friday, March 25, 2011

14 months

thank you for all the sweet comments on ian's one year photos.  we are so pleased with the way they turned out!

ian turned 14 months old on sunday.  it seems like we were just celebrating his birthday! 

i guess the 13 month mark is a good time for temper tantrums to begin because they really came on strong this month and are still going strong.  he throws some good ones too.  various degrees of crying, flopping around on the floor and throwing things are also included.  sometimes they're just laughable.  i'm not sure what kind of discipline to give for a tantrum!

we got rid of the bottles!!  after we got ian fully on milk, i wanted to drop bottles for full-time sippy usage.  this worked... kind of.  we are off bottles, but we are also off milk.  he refuses to touch milk in a sippy, so we're just leaving it alone for now.  he's drinking plenty of water and on rare occasions, a little juice concoction that mommy makes known as 1/16 juice and 15/16 water.

nursing is the same...

ian is eating more of the foods we're eating.  he's still on purees for breakfast- pureed fruit and baby cereal.  the dr. wants him off baby cereal by 15 months, and we are down to 1/2 a box of oatmeal.  we will use what we have left and then i will probably switch him to plain oats- he has seemed to like those.  for lunch he usually has some kind of meat (low-sodium lunch meat, or i will cook him a piece of whatever meat we had for dinner- ground turkey/beef/chicken, etc), fruit (he loves blueberries- which is great b\c i don't like like them plain) a vegetable or grain- (he loves mac n cheese, and his favorite vegetable seems to be beets).  i usually eat my meals when he does and he has started crying (again with the tantrums) when i sit down to the table w\ something different than what he has.  if it's something i'm not sure about giving him, i will either ignore him until he stops or if i feel ok giving it to him- i will break off a small piece.  however, if i have greek yogurt and i'm not sharing with him, a full meltdown will ensue.  he LOVES the stuff.  my kid loves to eat.  ian also got to eat with a fork for the first time at dave's cousin's house- and he thought he was hot stuff.  so, we bought him a fork. 

he is still not walking.  nor does he have any interest in walking.  he is cruising furniture or whatever he can get to with ease.  he will occasionally stand on his own, but he does all of this only on his terms.  if you try to stand him up or walk with him, he will go limp.  turkey.  he is the oldest out of all his friends who are not walking...  oh well.

swim class has ended.  by the end ian was having a lot of fun.  he loves getting on the kick board and floating.  we will probably do the class again when it starts next month.

talking is still the same.  he is a little imitator.  if dave and i are talking and one of us laughs, he will do the same thing.  if you tell him "no" you will hear "nonononono."  he actually said "bye" once and has even waved a few more times.  this kid's motto "whatever, i'll do what i want."

he is napping well, and sleeping at night well.

for daytime activities, he likes to "play" in his room (crawl from wall to wall), play downstairs (same as in his room) and play in our room (again, the same).  he loves yo gabba gabba and we usually watch at least 1 episode a day.  i don't worry about having the tv on in the background while he plays b\c he doesn't sit still to watch it, so i know he's not just sucked into it.  there are too many places to crawl instead of concerning himself with tv. 

 eating.  always eating.

 here is ian using a fork for the first time.  dave's cousin's wife made a cake and we gave ian a small piece.  notice how he has cake on the fork, which is he shoving in his mouth, and cake in his fist.  

 all, done.  i'm going to need more cake, guys...

 ian and daddy at ian's girlfriend lydia's first birthday party.

 ian and mommy's first time watching daddy play ice hockey

i love this.  if you can't tell, there is glass separating us from dave.  he got to play ice hockey at the all state arena.  it was a big deal.

the monthly photo.  these are getting harder and harder to capture.  only 24 takes this month...  ai yi yi
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  1. Yeah, you already know how I feel about the boy eating and eating.... Don't even fret about the walking. Neither one of mine did until 14-15 months. You know that it could all change by tomorrow b/c kids like to keep us on our toes like that!

  2. Your comment about Ian having the attitude like "Whatever, I do what I want" made me think of that Southpark episode where Cartman is on Maury Povich hahaha!

    He's super cute that messy face in the third picture!

  3. not sure which melissa this is... (sorry!), but that south park episode is where i got that from. i usually use the cartman voice too. it gives it that extra something! ;)


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