Monday, March 28, 2011

spring fever

 dear mother nature-

you seriously need to get your act together.  while the vast majority of this fine nation in which we live is experiencing spring-like temperatures (you know, the season that started last week) it is currently 18 degrees here.

that is not acceptable.  

neither is the 2 days of forecasted (not a word, i know) snow this week.  TWO DAYS.  

get it together.

mother nature obviously never had to bundle up in regular winter clothes, add a coat on top of that, then carry a full diaper bag and a baby who was also bundled in winter clothes and a coat.  i am ready for skin-to-skin carrying and my diaper bag actually fitting past my elbow.   Pin It!


  1. Mother nature, I second that request. I thank you that our snow seems to be diminishing but a few extra degress on that thermometer would hardly kill you now would it. Daylight savings means it's spring in case you didn't know!

  2. 18 degrees whaaaaa?! i feel so bad for you guys, that's too cold for march!

  3. oh that is not cool mother nature! you cannot be depriving people of much needed sun after all of this time! as maine mummy says, daylight savings means it's spring!



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