Tuesday, August 2, 2011

18 months

ian turned 18 months old on july 20th!  we're halfway to being 2!  zomg!

there haven't been a lot of big changes with ian.  he's still walking- getting better at it.  lots of falling still b\c he thinks that things on the floor are part of the floor and just walks over them like they don't exist...  lots of bumps and bruises this month- and running!  

we finally made ian an appointment to see an allergist near the end of this month.  we will finally find out what exactly he's allergic to.  i'm guessing that will bring bigger changes to the things he eats, but we'll wait & see. 

no new teeth this month... thank goodness.  i know those i-teeth have got to be coming soon though.  yikes!

as i said last month, we stopped nursing shortly after ian turned 17 months old.  i miss it, but in the same vein i'm glad it's over with!!   

we're still working on signs with ian.  i wish i knew of a really good way to teach him signing...  he's so busy that i feel like i have a hard time getting him to sit and focus on me.  we're still working tirelessly on mommy, daddy, thank you, i love you, up & down.  i'm really hoping some of these start to stick b\c we're getting to the point where if he can't communicate something to you, he just starts crying.  :(

bed & nap routines are changing slightly.  over the last couple months ian has gotten really attached to his "lovey" (affectionately known as mr. bear) and you probably already know that he is definitely attached to his binky.  we are wanting to break (or get a hold on) the binky issue before it gets out of control, so ian can now only have his bear & binky at nap times and bed time.  i get him up and change him and then we go back over to the bed and now he throws his bear & binky in without asking.  this doesn't mean they're gone for good though... if we are playing upstairs, a lot of times he will saunter into our room from his w\ binky in mouth & bear in arms... he will reach into his bed & pull his blanket until he gets them where he can reach and pulls them out... he's doing well though.  he's been fussier lately, and i can't tell if it's b\c he's w\o his binks or not.  a lot of times i think the binky is more of a crutch for mommy & daddy though.  we've definitely had to bust out a hidden binky a few times since...

we are also in the process of moving from 2 naps to one (sad times)...  yesterday was a one nap day, however, today is a 2 nap day.  it really depends on how tired he is.  this crazy kid has also started sleeping in from anywhere between 8-10.  of course, we have been keeping him up a little later- it's summer!  i hate putting him to bed when there's still 2 hours of daylight!

ian is also adding lots of new words- shake, yucky, gross, thank you, ai yi yi, & whoa to name a few.  he's also really gotten into singing- he loves the fresh beat band... and he goes around most of the day singing their ending song, so picture ian walking around the house "na na na na na na" all day (and picture me working on those sweet dance moves).

we also took ian to his 18 mo appt.  20 lbs, 4 oz (>5%), 32" (25-50%), head circ (50%).  looks great!

and now, the reason you're all here... the pictures!

 fourth of july fun!
 picnic with mommy
 oh, i'm not supposed to be messing with that?  my bad.

 (l-r): test shot.  pretty much downhill from there.  best of the bunch, but only with my bear & hat!

 (l-r): half laughing/half crying.  definitely crying.

cRaZy hair!
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