Tuesday, August 30, 2011

and then we ran another triathlon

after we ran our 1st race dave & i both made the comment that we now felt like we had nothing to look forward to.  all that training & then it was over, just like that.  so we decided to do another race. we had a hard time picking out a second race.  we wanted to stick to the sprint distance b\c try as i may, i just am not that athletic, and despite all this training, i wasn't really getting any better it seemed...  of course, a lot of the sprint distances had really long swims- and the swim is probably my weakest event- except, unlike biking or running- if i stop swimming, i will die.  so we decided to do a mini sprint.  we had a lot going on- a lot.  the week of the race i was meeting up with new blog friends and then we had friends coming into town for the weekend.  a lot of crazy.  thank goodness we only did the mini distance. 

swim-  the swim for this mini was 250 yard- which is what we had been swimming when training for the 1st race (oops).  this for me is a pretty perfect distance.  they had the swimmers split into 2 pools- 1-260 in pool 1, and 261-500 in pool 2.  dave was 141- so he was over halfway back in the 1st pool, and i was 296, so i was near the front of the 2nd pool.  i was in the pool 10 minutes after the beginning of the race!  this swim was much smoother to me than the last- they were spacing people about 20 seconds apart- and there was a boy around 12 in front of me and he was pretty fast, so i never had to worry about him being right in front of me.  i was able to actually swim and do my strokes w\o feeling sloshed around all over the pool.  i finished in 6:52- 34th out of 40 in my age group. 

bike-  this race was not chip timed, so our transitions were lumped in with our event times.  i got to my bike quickly, threw my jersey, socks, shoes, headband and helmet on, and was out in a good time- i wish i knew how fast though.  the bike course was decent- 10k.  it was on frontage roads, and you rode out to a point, and turned around through a parking lot and went back.  i definitely didn't like that- it was 2 way bike traffic almost the entire time, which made it hard to pass if you needed to.  also, people, for the love of all that is holy- when you pass someone on your bike- you say ON YOUR LEFT!!!  how do people not understand/know that.  there were some decent sized hills in the course (to me anyway) and we i had not had the chance to be on our actual bikes in a couple weeks (dave owns a bike, which he rides on a trainer at our house, i ride my mnl's bike), and i had just been riding stationary bike.  oh, i needed help on those hills!  also, i'm not very coordinated w\ getting my nutrition & water bottle out (lost my bottle on mile 13 of the last race).  this time i did the energy chews before the race, and decided to do gu on the bike.  i am not good at opening things w\ my teeth, but finally got the gu open.  oh gross!  next time i'll stick with coffee flavor...  i thought i was gonna puke gu all over myself.  so i needed water... i managed to get my bottle out only to not be able to get any water to drink -(??!?!).  i told dave this after the race and he pointed out to me that the bottle i was carrying this time had a straw in it- and i was turning it up to drink... womp, womp...  i also overshot my exit and went to the farthest set of bike racks and ended up having to walk my bike twice as far to get back to my station.  boo.  i finished in 30:34- 24th in my age group. 

run-  2 mile run.  i hate running.  i am lazy and running is dumb...  once again, i got off the bike and felt like i couldn't run.  my muscles in my calves felt so sore even after stretching after the bike.  this transition probably took a little longer b\c 1.  i had to walk my dumb bike back and 2.  i need water!!!  i got passed by so many people.  i basically was walking as fast as i could!  on my way out, i walked by this tiny old man who was in the schaumburg race w\ us, and he was on his way back- when i was on my way back, he was out running the 2 miles again!  and then when dave got in, we saw him coming back & going out AGAIN!  the run was also done where you ran to a certain point, turned and came back.  i finally felt okay when i got to the turn around and was able to run 90% back.  i have really got to work on running.  a lot.  on my way back i finally passed dave- he was coming back from his bike!  run time 33:45:5.  aw-ful.  38th in my age group.  boo.

i was able to get back in, get a little something to drink and grab the camera to catch dave crossing the finish line!  my overall time 1:11:11:5.  36th out of 40 in my age group.  405 in the race overall.  again, i end up being disappointed.  again. 


after the race, they gave out tons of free samples (muscle milk = yum), did post-race stretching and had a raffle!  i ended up winning & picked out a $50 certificate to dick's sporting goods where i was able to get myself new running shoes!  i love the shoes i have now, but i got them when i was pregnant and i have logged a lot of miles in them between work & training!  overall the woodridge mini sprint was a success!!

race photos:  there were several photographers on hand and over 2500 race photos.  dave made 2 in the swim portion, and i made 3 in the bike.

dave is mad that his only race pics are him getting out of the pool and show his chest...

i think i look silly...  

 believe it or not, that's dave getting ready to cross the finish line.  darn camera! 


 and he's finished!!

  post race stretching- awesome!

so worth it.

 and more!  

dave grabbing the buffalo by the horns.  it's a metaphor...

we did it!!
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