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review & giveaway! baby gourmet organic baby food - giveaway ended!

this giveaway has ended!  did you win?!?

i was so lucky to receive a sample of baby gourmet organic baby food... or should i say ian was.  my boy loves his food- and there is nothing worse for me than to be stuck out somewhere without food for my little guy.  i love all the squeezable baby food options that are out there- it's so much easier (and MUCH tastier) than conventional jarred baby food.  just pop a couple packs in your purse or diaper bag & you've got a meal for your baby or toddler on the go.  if i'm out somewhere with ian, there's a chance i have at least one baby food item with me!  i also love these pouches b\c they're perfect for self-feeding.  ian usually downs his in record time, coming up for air long enough to ask that you push the leftovers to the top so he can then get them out himself!!  these are perfect for everywhere- sporting events, church, babysitter, day care, shopping trips- no need to worry about tubs & jars of food... and no need to worry about silverware!

i was really excited to try baby gourmet.  another reason that we love the squeeze pouches of baby food is that they are perfect for getting picky babies/toddlers to eat fruits & veggies that they might not regularly eat.  as i said before- ian is a really good eater, but we've run into some issues lately where he refuses to eat things that he normally does, or he refuses to eat the non-pureed version of many veggies.  baby gourmet combines those veggies with delicious fruits and makes it so yummy, your baby won't even know they're eating veggies!  from juicy pear & garden greens to roasted squash & fruit medley- your baby is getting a fruit & a veggie in one delicious dish.

i made ian's baby food myself, i liked the fact that what i was feeding him was fresh- made by me.  baby gourmet isn't made by me, but it's 100%, no thickeners or fillers, no added sugar or salt and bpa free packaging.  i can also vouch for how yummy these are- i figure if i'm making him eat it, i can at least try it myself- and these are good.  the old fashioned apple crisp has been my favorite... so far!  i'm really looking forward to giving ian the vanilla, banana, berry risotto, so i can try that one as well- sounds so yummy!

so, i couldn't just try all this yummy baby food without sharing!  i have a sample for you too!  your sample will be the roasted squash & fruit medley.  delicious banana, apple & pear with vanilla & roasted squash!  plus it contains 70% of baby's daily vitamin c requirement!  we have had some allergy problems with squash in the past- so i thought who better to share with than my readers!!  the roasted squash & fruit medley is a level 2 (yummy combos) food.  this is best suited for 7-8 mo+ as most children by this age have gotten to try a variety of foods & textures.  this sounds like a truly yummy combo to introduce that i'm sure your little one will love!

 i know somebody that loves it!! 

wanna win it?!

just leave a comment telling me what your little one's favorite food is- or if they aren't to that stage yet, let me know what you're looking forward to introducing to them!

so easy!  

want to increase your odds of winning?  
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so, you could have 4 entries total

don't forget to leave a separate comment for your additional entries to count!  giveaway ends sunday 8/21 @ 11:59 pm.  winner announced on monday 8/22!

*disclaimer:  i was not compensated monetarily for this review or giveaway.  the products were sent to me in exchange for a review, in which i chose to giveaway part of what i received.  the opinions stated here are mine and mine only and cannot be bought!
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