Tuesday, August 16, 2011

mommy reads: new moon

well, i am so relieved to know that i'm not the only 30 year old woman who is addicted to twilight in the movie & book form and drools over robert pattinson.  i mean, i could have a cardboard cutout of him in my guest bedroom, but i don't.... sadly.  ;)

i finished the 2nd book in the twilight saga- new moon in record time compared to the 1st.  i am averaging a book per week- and that is a record for me at this stage in my life.  i finished the 1st book, and immediately wanted to see the movie, and then i watched the 1st movie and wanted to see the next 2.  so i had a twilathon and then i started new moon.  i already knew new moon would be probably be my least favorite book b\c the movie is pretty depressing, because and robert pattinson isn't in the majority of it.  he's replaced in hotness by taylor lautner, but i'm definitely not team jacob, plus taylor lautner is still a teenager.  it just isn't the same.  so, i knew i had this to look forward to in the book....

new moon starts with bella swan crying doom & gloom over her 18th (omg, she's so old) birthday.  now she's officially 1 year older than her vampire boyfriend, edward cullen.  when she attends a party thrown for her by the cullens, she gets a paper cut while opening a gift and is almost attacked by edward's brother jasper, who is the newest to the vegetarian vampire lifestyle.  because of this, and his desire to protect her at all costs- edward lies to bella, telling her he doesn't love her anymore and that he has to leave with his family, and bella is just dumb enough to believe him.  bella becomes a walking ad for prozac, until she finally decides to become an adrenaline junkie with the help of her friend and soon to be werewolf, who happens to be in love with her, jacob black.  i'll leave it at that. 

i did enjoy the book, i just didn't enjoy it as much as the 1st.  it was a little slow-moving with poor bella being in her depressed state, and i was just thinking in my head the entire time- oh, just reunite with your true love edward already!  the book was a very dark time for bella- if you've had your heart broken, you may relate to how bella felt when edward left- especially if you think of it from the perspective of an 18 year old.  by the end, i was just ready to see bella (and edward) happy again and reunited.

regarding the movie.  you ask, how can you make a 2nd twilight movie with very little robert pattinson? well, taylor lautner finally sheds the horrible wig, shreds out some abs and loses most of his clothes when he joins the gang of jorts-wearing, shirtless werewolves.  his character helps carry the movie during the absence of rp.  overall, i enjoyed it, b\c i'm a twilight freak now.  le sigh.

book & movie: 3/5

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