Wednesday, November 23, 2011

22 months

it's so hard to believe that ian will be 2 in just 2 short months.  every month is a cause for celebration, and he just becomes more of a joy every day (tantrums and all). 

there haven't been a lot of changes from last month other than adding new words to his vocabulary every day.  he's always saying something that you didn't know he could say (pepperoni, coffee) and picking up new words that he hears you say.  his big phrase this past month has been "you're silly."  he loves to say it to you and then just bust into laughter. 

with more words, comes more memorization.  he's really into singing songs.  it isn't shocking to be riding in the car and hear him singing along to mumford & sons or even rhianna.  i guess you only need to hear something once or twice before you really know it. 

he's really playing with all his toys now.  riding on his ride along toys, playing with blocks, and his new favorite- cars.  he loves carrying his cars everywhere he goes. 

we moved, and he has taken to our house quite well.  the first week or so was a little trying, but he's all settled in now.  he actually has room to run around and play and can just run up & down the halls and do as he pleases- now if we could unpack those last few boxes and keep him out of those!  since we're in a room that's on the same level as everything in the house, we've started room time.  it's an hour of the day where i put ian in his room with music, a small snack and a drink and a few toys and he plays on his own.  it's perfect for me to get work done, and it helps him to play on his own.  it was a struggle at first- in the beginning we couldn't even get through 10 minutes b\c he wailed the whole time, but now he really enjoys himself and i get a few things done without worrying about him being right underneath me so we can spend the rest of the day together. 

i'm still looking into a 1 day a week program- i may have found something- but it's not close to here and would be out of my way for going to my office.  there is actually a church very close to our house that offers a program, but ian misses the cut off date for being 3 by 5 days.  :(

he's definitely grown this month- we had to pack the 6-12 month pj's away, and we've even had to pack away a couple pairs of the 12 month pants.  i did go through his clothes from last winter though and i pulled his 12 month stuff all back out- we'll see what he can still wear as time goes on!

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