Monday, November 28, 2011

wish list friday, er, monday: winter boots/shoes

i skipped last week b\c we were at the movies late...  and i took this past friday off for thanksgiving... this is off to a poor start, but no worries, i'm back

what girl doesn't love shoes?  a crazy girl that is.  i'm always looking for new shoes- unfortunately you don't really get to wear pretty shoes in the midwest.  i spent most of last winter wearing my sweater boots- which are comfy and warm, but not necessarily the cutest.  most heels are basically out- so i need cute, flat shoes that are warm.  oh, and they most likely can't be suede or anything like that b\c the snow will ruin them.  it's a shame.  a real shame.

 here are the boots on my love list. i'll be back later this week with heels & flats!!  ;)  maybe...

1.  undercover studs boot- modcloth.  cute, flat and under $50.  yes, yes, yes.  
2.  jersy boots- blowfish.  the partially hidden zipper is a cool look.
3.  sueded desert wedges- old navy.  my old navy shoes have lasted for years.
4.  write now bootie- modcloth.  out of mama's range, but cute.
5.  riley tall slouch boot- payless.  extended calf.  sometimes i think i need this.
6.  xhilaration kainda boot- target.  i bet i can't navigate ice & a toddler in these...
7.  coconuts dylan boot- piper lime.  flat boots, yes.  ended up getting boots similar to this at target for $10!!
8.  merona kasia boot- target.  most wanted: tall, flat, black boots, but sorry target- $50?!  ha.
9.  xhilaration sadella heeled booties- target.  cute, except that i am scared of heels b\c of all the ice & snow!
10.  naughty monkey misfit- piper lime.  not a wedge, not a heel.  manageable!
11.  elzinga boots- aldo.  my fave on the list- love the hidden wedge!
12.  b.o.c by born martina boot- dsw.  these look like they have a super safe sole + look super comfortable!
13.  naughty monkey detective boots-  again with the not-heel, not wedge thing.
14.  clooney by coconuts- piper lime.  these look identical to another pair listed... but with a wedge
15.  faux leather riding boots- old navy.  i've been happy with all my inexpensive old navy shoes- they always hold up well.

i ended up going with a pair of flat motorcycle boots from target that didn't even make my most loved list, yet were only $10- and that always makes my list! 
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