Wednesday, November 9, 2011

halloween '11

i'm back!  we're all moved.  (almost) all settled in.  10 days later i am finally not having to "borrow" internet from unsuspecting neighbors anymore (thank you).  we spent our 1st night in our home as a family the sunday before halloween and we were ready to celebrate the big day with treats & costume.  we had only 6 trick or treaters, so we left to take ian around our little circle & then took him to the park district's halloween celebration.  i figured that this would probably be the last year i would get to choose ian's halloween costume, and while i thought that this one would be absolutely hysterical, we decided to go with something ian loves.  i love dressing up for halloween because it's a perfect time to bust out your inner skank i like creating a unique costume that might make you laugh and normally costs less than $15.  that's how i roll.  this year was no different.  we bought the little guy his costume, and then made dave & myself part of his crew.  photos abound!

introducing dj lance rock (who hates being photographed)

 dj lance does pause for a photo with mom & dad.

dad & mom's homemade muno & foofa costumes.  mom couldn't find her pink pants though!  boo.  inspiration from pinterest

yo family family!

do you still dress up? 

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