Monday, November 14, 2011

dinner by pinterest

so everyone else here loves pinterest, right?  right.  now that we have that cleared up.  i love pinterest.  i'm not full-on obsessed... yet, but there's a lot of love going on there.  pinterest is good for people like me who just aren't creative, even in the slightest.  i told my husband this weekend that the least southern thing about me was the fact that i couldn't diy to save my life.  i see a craft, or some cute project that is touted as "super easy" and i'll find a way to eff it up.  however, i can cook, and that tends to be something that has a 99% success rate in the mchousehold, and since pinterest is obviously plotting to make me a contestant on a future season of the biggest loser, i might as well start sharing the calories goods with the rest of you!

avocado grilled cheese (and i don't like grilled cheese sandwiches)!  pinned from here.

these were so simple.  bread, avocado, mozzarella & pepperoni.  i added sun dried tomatoes for an extra kick.  so yummy.  can't wait to have these again!

mexican chicken lime soup.  remember my 99% success rate?  this soup is the 1%. . .  i single-handedly ruined this soup by making it so spicy that my husband could hardly eat it (so that means, i couldn't even come close).  i make a lot of rachael ray meals (i do basically own every cookbook she has) & she uses chipotles in adobo sauce a lot.  i got sick of buying cans, using 1-2 peppers & having to throw the rest out.  so i started spooning the leftovers into ice cube trays, freezing them & taking a cube out each time i needed one.  it turns out i managed to pack 6 chipotles into 2 cubes.  the recipe called for 2 peppers + sauce.  i carelessly used both cubes.  i am still burning.  i ended up having to scrap the broth & just eat the chicken, veggies, chips & avocado (which was yummy, btw).  hot hot hot.  this can be easily fixed for next time!  pinned from here.

have you made anything (food or otherwise) that you've seen on pinterest? Pin It!

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