Friday, November 11, 2011

wish list friday: winter coats

i'm starting something new here called wish list friday in hopes that i will reinvigorate my blogging and blog reading.  and because i want a lot of things, and we're broke so i get no things.  it's like a collection of dreams.

first up, in honor of it SNOWING today.  grrrrrr brrrrr.... winter coats!

1.  candy cane cutie coat in frost by jack/bbdakota- modcloth (could replace my old white coat)
2.  duffle coat- delias (i love toggles)
3.  philanthropy chair charmer jacket by tulle- modcloth (cute short jacket)
4.  the icing on the coat in red velvet by knitted dove- modcloth (mmm, red velvet)
5.  calvin klein double breasted stand-up collar coat - lord & taylor (could use a new black coat)
6.  the perfect piccadilly coat by tulle- modcloth (cute retro plaid)
7.  ojai coat- jack by bbdakota (unique + love my current jack coat)
8.  polka dot margie coat by tulle- fred flare (sweet.  plus the dots are stitched, not printed)
9.  regimentary my dear coat by tulle- modcloth (love the zipper!)
10.  double cloth metro coat- jcrew (love the cobalt blue)
11.  very vermont jacket by jack/bbdakota- modcloth (looks warm!)
12.  candy apple chic coat- modcloth (belted & ruffled)

i doubt i'll be getting a new coat this year, but these are just so pretty to look at!

my biggest wish-  a safe & happy veterans day.  thankful for all those who served & who continue to serve- esp my family & friends.  praying for a safe return to the states this holiday season for my cousin carla's husband, austin. 

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