Friday, March 15, 2013

baby #2 - month 3

 week 9.  
top- liz lange maternity.  dress- missoni for target.
how far along- 9-12 wks (december 12th-january 8th)
due date- my phone's pregnancy app says july 17th- but my doctor is saying july 20th
weight gain- not really sure.  i think maybe 5 lbs
maternity clothes- i bought a couple of dresses to wear for work
symptoms- still exhausted.  a little bit of heartburn.  the real morning sickness has began with lots of fun sickness incidents.  also, i'm having to pee all the time- esp at night.
have we announced- we told our family for christmas and announced on facebook a few days after my appointment- so yes!
cravings- for some reason i saw a commercial for red lobster and i really wanted that.  shrimp.  and sushi.  so basically- seafood.  
aversions- nothing yet- but i definitely haven't been wanting sweets very much. 
am i showing-  the bump is definitely more noticeable.  
missing anything-  i really want sushi
doctor's visits-  my first visit was january 3rd.  we had an ultrasound and got to see baby!  i also had routine blood work and a pelvic exam.  hooray.

week 11 or 12?  i think this is actually 12.
dress- old navy maternity

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