Wednesday, March 6, 2013

more highlights from the last, oh, 6 months

let's pretend i'm blogging again.  really though, i'm trying.  i'd like to makeover the blog- design, name, etc... but i have no idea how to go about something like that- so advice is welcome.  i'm pretty sure i have a name... i just don't know how to go about the rest.

my child is growing up.  i'm going to start crying in the corner any minute now.  let's rewind back a little and see how this process started- i mean, besides the obvious. 

late summer we decided that it was time to say goodbye to the crib.  it had a good run- and while it was still working successfully (ie: there were never any escape attempts) we were ready to move ian into his big boy bed.  dave found this incredible bed online- and i was sure that we could at least attempt to recreate it. 

 painting the bed.  we picked this bed up off of freecycle!  what a deal.

 i let dave do the difficult stuff...
 more painting...
 hold me...

 the finished project!  i think we did pretty well... although the back part fell off.  :(

enjoying his new bed!

we've been pretty darn lucky with the bed- we've yet to have any real issues- he's rolled off the side once- but we kept the crib mattress on the floor for several months, and he's only rolled into the other side a few times, so my friend made a body pillow to fit between the bed and the wall.  other than that, sleeping in there has been a breeze.  i'm glad we waited for the right time- i think he was ready!  he loves his hockey bed!!

there was a lot that went on after that- dave's best friend got married, i hosted 40 people at our house for a house party, we traveled to atlanta and i stood in the wedding of a very good friend, we celebrated one year in our house... and finally.. halloween.  

we continued our annual tradition of going to the pumpkin farm!

and we carved a pumpkin!

then we dressed up for halloween and some of us looked ridiculous...

 ian wanted to be woody for halloween and pretty much never changed his mind once he had decided.  i thought he was pretty cute!

 woody and his best buddy, hello kitty!

 (i told you some of us looked ridiculous- it was me)...

and with all that nonsense, i'm basically almost all caught up!  so i promise i won't wait another month before posting again!  we got big news coming!!  ;)

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