Friday, March 8, 2013

oh baby, it's ANOTHER baby! (month 1 & 2)

so as i'm sure most of my readers know since i know you in real life or via other social media- we are expecting again!!!  i found out on november 7th that i am pregnant!!!  funny story...  i had a visit that day with the dr. i was seeing for my dieting stuff- and i was a little tired of my dieting- so i thought, "what if i was pregnant, then i wouldn't have to be on this crazy diet" and i decided to take a test...  sure enough.  2 of the faintest pink lines you've ever seen- i wasn't even sure i was really pregnant b\c 1. they were so faint and 2.  it was waaay early- i mean, i wasn't even 4 weeks- that's how early.  needless to say i feel like i have been pregnant for an eternity.  the next night i went to hang with some friends and they knew something was up when i passed on the spirits... so they made me take another test- and that one pretty much shouted at me that i was pregnant.  i took a 3rd test 5 days after i missed my period- via my drs orders and that was pretty much all the confirmation i needed...

i think these are tests 1 & 2.

so, just for the sake of not having to make 15 posts since i am already so far along - i'll start with monthly updates until i can get caught up!

month 1 (weeks 1-4).

no photos.  and really nothing to update- all i knew is that i was pregnant... i was just waiting for the crap to hit the fan!

month 2 (weeks 5-8)

how far along- 5-8 wks (november 14th-december 11th)
due date- my phone's pregnancy app says july 17th
weight gain- not really sure.  my scale is never accurate so it's hard to tell.  maybe 2 lbs?
maternity clothes- not yet!
symptoms- my boobs hurt.  i'm exhausted during the day and can't sleep at night.  very nauseous, no vomiting.
have we announced- only a few friends know.  we want to wait and tell our families for christmas.
cravings- nothing yet
aversions- nothing yet
am i showing-  i feel like i am, but the average person probably wouldn't notice.
missing anything-  would be nice to have a drink

 week 5 (l) and week 6 (r).  dresses:  loft and modcloth

 week 7 (l) and week 8 (r).  dress and sweater:  modcloth

more to come!
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