Monday, March 18, 2013

dinner by pinterest v. 5

i'm back with another edition of dinner by pinterest...  considering that's just about the only place i get meal ideas anymore- i should have tons of these lined up.  i usually cook at least 3 days a week, and although i think i'm a pretty good cook- i'm not a creative cook.  pinterest is full of ideas from people way more creative than i am!  here's a few of my most recent kitchen delights!

spinach & artichoke grilled cheese.  pinned from here.  original recipe via a couple cooks.
omg.  i love spinach & artichoke dip- i love artichokes.  i don't love grilled cheese sandwiches.  this however, is perfection.  fresh spinach and artichokes with cheese toasted on bread.  it's so simple.  perfect quick dinner.  make this now!

paula deen's tastes like lasagna soup.  pinned from here.  original recipe via paula deen.
oh, here are 2 more things i love:  lasagna & soup.  this was so easy and really does taste just lasagna- it even has pieces of lasagna noodles inside!  a perfect comfort food, y'all.  oh, and this recipe doesn't have butter in it... 

summer strawberry coconut cake.  pinned from here.  original recipe via little lovables.  
i baked this delicious cake for dave's 3rd 29th birthday.  i can't believe i didn't take a photo of the inside of it.  it's so pretty and pink.  this was soooo amazing.  i make really ugly cakes- and this was definitely no exception- you can't really see the disaster on the plate- but as dave always says- as long as it tastes good- and yes.  it tastes so.  good. 

avocado mac and cheese.  pinned from here.  original recipe via two peas & their pod.
this is so good.  i love avocados so much.  i love macaroni & cheese.  this is macaroni topped with a delicious sauce created in part by avocados, pepperjack cheese, lime juice and cilantro.  oh man.  i'm gonna be making this again reeeal soon. 

buffalo chicken enchiladas.  pinned from here.  original pin via the novice chef
i love buffalo anything.  i'm pretty sure i've had at least one buffalo chicken recipe in each of these i've done.  i'm always making something new that's buffalo chicken something!  these, like anything else i've done that's been buffalo-something are just amazing.  they were soooo spicy- but i'm definitely a wimp as far as spiciness goes- so they're probably not spicy at all.  these were super easy too!  get on it!

oh, man... now i'm starving.  snack time.  have you made any of these?  would you make any of these?!

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