Monday, March 25, 2013

baby #2, month 4

here's how we announced baby #2 on facebook!  got this cute idea via pinterest!

how far along- 13-16 wks (january 9th-february 5th)
due date- my phone's pregnancy app says july 17th- but my doctor is saying july 20th
weight gain- i think maybe 7 lbs
maternity clothes- i finally got all my maternity clothes out of the garage...and i hate them all! 
symptoms- nauseous, tired, irritable.  i only threw up once- what a miracle, and not getting up 3x a night to pee.
cravings- still keep wanting red lobster.  dave refuses.  i also saw a commercial for pizza hut bread sticks and wanted those- so dave got them.  but nothing like before
aversions- nothing yet- but i definitely haven't been wanting sweets very much. 
am i showing-  i think it's definitely noticeable.  
missing anything-  sleeping on my belly
doctor's visits-  we had our 2nd doctor's appointment which was to hear the heartbeat- but our dr. couldn't find a heartbeat with the doppler so we ended up having another ultrasound.  turns out i have an anterior placenta- which means baby is basically hiding behind my placenta!
boy or girl-  we find out next month!
 week 13-  dress- old navy maternity

 week 15-  dress- old navy maternity from my pregnancy with ian

 week 16- dress- modcloth

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