Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's a BOY!

My 20 week ultrasound appointment was yesterday, and as confirmed 100% by the ultrasound tech. we have a boy! This should bring much relief to all McFadden's as Dave is the only male McFadden under 30, so now there is a new heir. I would put photos up, but my scanner refuses to work. We'll have to see what I can do to remedy that.

Can I admit I wasn't thrilled for about 10 minutes? Ok, I wasn't thrilled for about 10 minutes. I had my heart set on a girl, I was sure it was a girl. People said I had a " girl belly", the heartbeat was super fast @ all my appointments- which usually means girl. I just wanted a girl. I figured I would be right. I thought for sure when I looked at the initial picture that it was a girl, and then "IT" showed up in the picture, and it was not hiding. 100% Boy is what the tech labeled the picture. I have to admit, I felt sad, and then when the tech left the room to get the Dr. I broke down...

Me: "but i wanted it to be a girl, I don't want a boy"
Dave: "Mel, you said you weren't going to do this"
Me: "I know, but I really thought it was going to be a girl"
Dave: "it's our baby, it's going to be great no matter what"
Me: "i feel like such a jerk and an idiot, don't tell anyone I was so upset" (slaps my own face as to "slap me out of it")
Dave: "everything's going to be fine, we can have all the girls you want after this"
Me: "but you're the only boy in your family, we're destined to have a girl first"
Dave: "no, my grandparents had 3 boys & a girl, my uncle had 4 girls, and my dad had 3 girls and a boy, it probably skips a generation"
Me: "I'm going to be just like my grandmother and have 4 boys"
Dave: "no, you're not"
Me: "it's all because I bought that shirt at Old Navy Monday"
Dave: "you bought that shirt?! i told you to wait"
Me: "but it was so cute, and they were almost all gone
Dave: "oh, Mel"
Me: "really, I'm happy, we have a perfectly healthy little boy"

So I got on the phone yesterday and called a billion people- doubled our used phone minutes (thankfully we have plenty) and the more I talked to people and told them, the more I was absolutely thrilled! By 2pm, I was in full baby mode! I tried to pick out bedding, we talked a little about names- very exciting stuff. We still have a ways to go, but it just seems so much more real now! We couldn't be any happier! It definitely makes me less patient b\c I'm ready for January to be here now, but I'm going to try to savor my last 4 months and make the most of every day until our little boy makes his arrival! Pin It!

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